We request each renter to inform us via text (843-301-7203) or phone call (843-301-7203) or email us @: hhihomerentals1@gmail.com if our rental home needs supplies, repairs or other things. This is mainly how we learn what each home needs, in addition to our inspections, staying at our homes in the Fall and Winter and from our cleaners. On some occasions, we will get them for you, if we deem them necessary and appropriate. Just like you, we have to watch our spending, and thus Owner reserves the right to approve or control our spending at Owner discretion. Owner has sole discretion in spending our money, as you do. We also offer you a $50 reimbursement fee, if you buy things for our home that we approve before your purchase. We appreciate your valuable business & strive to make your vacation / long term stay enjoyable. We also offer you a deeper discount on your next Sat to Sat Summer week stay with us, and a $25 gift, if you write us a positive review on VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey, TripAdvisor, AirBnB, OwnerDirect, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Angie's List. Thank you!! Stewart Hines - owner.

Weekly - Typically, Saturday to Saturday rentals from April - September. Deviations can be made on a last minute basis and are subject to availability. Discount for multiple week stay in the same property.
Nightly - 3 night minimum required. Call for restrictions and availability. Discount for 3+ nights stay in same property.
Winters - Winter monthly rates apply from October - end of March. One month minimum and Winter Rentals typically begin on the first of each month.
4 pm (Eastern Time). Owner will mail you a final confirmation letter with maps, rental info, home and resort rules, rental agreement, keys and parking passes. You should Not try to check-in at any front desk, as we are not on their rental program and you will have all mailed to you.
10 am (Eastern Time). No late check-outs. Please slide keys, parking passes and magnetic card (B803 condo) under our locked owners closet in rental home, as per our final confirmation letter after preparing the unit for your departure, and closing & locking all doors and windows and observing our "Before you Leave" policy in our final letter to you. Check out time is 10 am sharp.
Rental Payment:
Weekly reservations typically require a $400 deposit which goes toward your final payment. On some occasions we may take a refundable security deposit, as we deem necessary due to risk and security of our rental home. Deposit is due typically within 5 days of making reservation. Final payment including taxes, deposit and any rental items is due typically 1.5 - 2 months prior to arrival. Personal checks accepted if received qat least 60 days prior to arrival. Payments after 30 days may be applied to Visa/Master Card or major credit card or PayPal. Canadian rental payments must be in U.S. funds and we only accept a certified or cashiers bank check. Sorry, no personal Canadian checks, since they can take 6-10 weeks to clear our bank.
Returned Checks:
A $20.00 service charge applies. In Horry County and Myrtle Beach, bounced checks will be reported to the local magistrate and fines could be issued.
Accidental Damage:
Intentional Acts, gross negligence or willful misconduct. Evidence of and/or damage caused by pets (pets are prohibited in rental properties).
Damage done by unauthorized groups.
Loss of use or rental to future guests.
Loss or damage to guest's personal property or rental equipment brought onto the premises.
Beyond Normal wear & tear.
Any damage caused by a violation of our rental agreement above or in an action that violates Local, SC State or USA Federal laws.
Does not apply to Acts of God
Owner will determine all necessary repairs, problems, etc. Please report all damages, problems, etc. to Owner: Stewart Hines at 843-301-7203 immediately. Owner is not responsible for the damage, loss or theft of personal property, including but not limited to automobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, personal items and cash, etc.
Cancellations & Transfers:
Confirmed reservations are not transferable to another property. If you cancel your confirmed reservation and the property is not re-rented, you forfeit all of your rental amount, or in some cases we may offer you a credit towards your next stay with us. If you have paid in full and the rental home does not re-rent for your time, you forfeit all of your rental amount, or in some cases we may offer you a credit towards your next stay with us. If property is re-rented for same time as yours for same rate, all money prepaid may be refunded.
Vacation Protection Plan:
You may want to consider the option of protecting your family vacation investment through the purchase of travel insurance. However, We do not provide that. It provides protection should you be forced to cancel, interrupt or delay your trip due to evacuation, serious illness or a death of a family member. Travel Insurance is available to guests booking a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to arrival. Travel Insurance may be provided through CSA Travel Protection and you will receive information on their program via either email or standard mail. For more details on purchasing trip insurance, to file a claim or customer service, please call CSA directly at (877) 433-8749.
Capacity of Accommodations:
Properties are restricted to the number accommodates stated above regardless of available bedding. Exceptions made only for infants. Misrepresentation will result in eviction without refund. Campers allowed at properties for transportation only. All of our condominiums and houses do not allow recreational vehicle parking.
No-Nos To Know:
NO house parties. Property owners accepts single families only (1-3 families max.) only.
NO Groups. (Fraternity, Sorority, student, and singles) Misrepresentation will result in eviction without refund.
NO grilling on decks or porches or anywhere at any time.
NO fireworks on any of the premises.
NO exceeding max. occupancy for subject property.
NO moving of furniture.
NO phone calls charged to unit phone.
NO washing automobiles at unit.
NO motor home or camper hook up.
NO Pets, unless approved by Owner in some of our homes (pet friendly - 1-2 small dogs allowed at: OP1208, F&T & Ocean10)! Misrepresentation will result in eviction without refund.
NO removal of bed spreads, pillows or linens or towels to the beach or pools or outside of rental home!
NO entering of our private locked owner�s closets.
NO hanging of any items on balcony rails.
NO rude or unjustified complaints or demands for refunds. Please give us a chance to fix problem, at Owner�s sole discretion.
No-Smoking in Units:
All of our rental homes are designated as Non-Smoking. However, we cannot police or guarantee that the property will be smoke free; however, we will make every effort to respect this request. If a renter smokes in our non-smoking rental home, your credit card may be charged for damages and you may be asked to leave.
Parking & Complex Amenities:
Parking and other complex amenities are controlled by individual Home Owner Associations at condominiums and housing communities. Parking permits are issued based on allocated space determined by individual condominium associations. Owner is not responsible for parking rules, towing or parking tickets, nor the upkeep or maintenance of amenities such as elevators, pools or common areas managed by an association. Should you have problems, please call us and we will contact the appropriate property management company. Beach home parking is restricted by the physical limitations of the property.
Linens and Cribs:
Properties are equipped with pillows, bedspreads, mattress pads and some blankets. Clean bed & bath linens are also included. You may also bring your own linens and towels, if you wish. Cribs and crib linens are not available. Damaged, lost or stolen items are the responsibility of the renter, which you may be charged for.
Departure maid service is included in rental rate. Units are typically equipped with vacuum, broom and mop. Cleaning supplies are typically not provided. We request that the unit be prepared for departure by each renter by vacuuming, emptying the refrigerator, removing all trash, and starting the dishwasher. Your help is much appreciated and will help determine your next discount amount.
Equipment & Furnishings:
The rental properties are privately owned and are decorated and equipped to satisfy the particular tastes and desires of the individual owner. Conditions and furnishings vary according to age, cash flow and care given by the owner. Please Do not rearrange furniture or remove any items that are of the interior decor.
Handicap Facilities:
All condos are wheelchair accessible.
Locked Closets:
Owner has private storage closets in each rental home. These areas are absolutely not included in the rental. Please do not try to open them!
Tourism is the largest industry in SC beaches that we have rental homes at; new houses and condos are always being built. We can not predict the location of all construction activity in the area and may not be able to inform you at the time you make your reservation whether or not your accommodations are near a construction site. Should you find yourself near construction, please exercise patience and understanding. It is beyond our control! In the event it becomes intolerable, we'll do our best to talk to the contractors, but no refunds or moves will be made.
We cannot guarantee air conditioning or appliances. There are NO REFUNDS should they fail. We strive to keep them in good working condition and will do everything possible to repair any malfunction within a reasonable time frame. All of our rental homes have new ac systems!
Routine Maintenance & Agent Access:
Owner, or its agents, may enter the rental home for the purpose of completing necessary maintenance or for other necessary purposes, as we deem necessary at Any Time. Often times it is impossible to notify you in advance of this work.
Resort Office Services (Condos):
Fax, copy machines and Internet access are sometimes available at some of the Condo Resort�s office. Ask front desk to get key and tell them you are my guest of mine or please call owner. Also, advice on local restaurants, fishing, shopping, etc. is available for free from front desk typically. Please also ask us for assistance, as we are locals and have lived in each rental area.
Rental Items:
Owner is not responsible for any items rented through an outside agency. Rental items belong to the rental company and should be treated with care. If rental item(s) are lost or damaged, you will be responsible for repair or replacement cost. Rental items generally are delivered and picked up from properties.
Phones, Messages & Mail:
Please bring your cell phones and laptops with air card or wireless internet, as we use when we stay there. Some of our rentals do not have a phone or land line.
Late Arrivals:
You will be mailed all that you need to check-in after final payment has cleared our bank, and we have your signed vacation rental agreement / receipt back. Final letter includes: keys to our rental home, parking passes, info, maps, home and resort rules, our rental agreement, etc.), so no problem. We do advise you try to check-in at the normal check-in time of 4pm and check out at 10am.
Special Reminders:
All town and community ordinances are to be observed. No vehicles allowed on dunes or beaches, this is not Florida :) . No beach fires are allowed on the beach. Please use only beach access provided - do not walk on private property. Thanks in advance!
Electric Vehicles:
If you rent a golf cart at our rental home, please observe all rental co., local, and State laws. Electric vehicles (golf carts) are subject to all laws and ordinances applicable to operations of a motor vehicle on public roads, including that all operators must possess a valid driver's license. Traffic laws and ordinances are enforced by local authorities. Guests shall comply with all applicable laws and ordinances, shall be liable for any damage or injury they or their invitees cause while operating an electric vehicle, and shall hold Owner - Hines free and harmless from liability for such damage or injuries. Damage to electric vehicles is not covered by this rental agreement or by Owner.
Heated Pools:
Condos advertised with heated pools may be heated typically during the following time periods: March 1st - May 30th and September 1st - November 1st of each year. This is the responsibility of the Resort and not us and beyound our control. Please note that pool heaters may not operate if the air temperature surrounding the heat pump drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Lost & Found:
Owner is not responsible for personal items left behind. Items not claimed after 30 days will be donated to a local charity. Any items requiring shipping will be given to a local mailing service for COD return.
Although every effort has been made for accuracy, Owner and webmaster - Stewart Hines is not responsible for errors in our website or letters to renters that we did not see, missed or didn't correct. We are all human. Mistakes happen. Descriptions and rates are subject to correction or change without notice and change constantly since live and online. OWNER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUND DEPOSIT, REFUSE RENTAL OR DISCONTINUE OCCUPANCY IF, IN THE OWNER�S OPINION, TENANT IS DETRIMENTAL TO OUR PROPERTY.


Welcome to our beach vacation home! Here are some troubleshooting tips when problems or malfunctions occur. Please report any problem or damage to rental home immediately by calling or text owner - Stewart Hines at 843-301-7203 by 5pm on check in day, and please do not wait until check-out or afterwards. If renter unfortunately breaks and item, appliance, etc. in our rental home due to your misuse, neglect or damage, you may be responsible to pay for repairs or replacement, which is considered fair. If any item in rental home breaks,Owner may repair it, depending on cash flow and at owner�s discretion, per our vacation home rental agreement with renter. Typically, we fix most problems within 1 - 3 days.

Power Outages:
Find main breaker box and open. Flip tripped circuit breakers and hit reset button, to see if that fixes problem. Call owner at 843-301-7203, if can�t find breaker box or need electrician.

Air Conditioning and Heating:
Our HVAC systems are new in each home rental. Please turn off a/c and heat before you leave, as well as all electrical devices, lamps, appliances, etc. before you leave. Fan should be in the auto on position and system should be in the on cool or on heat position for maximum efficiency. Please lower settings gradually 2-3 degrees at a time, every 30 min. or so. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE WINDOWS OR DOORS OPEN WHEN AC OR HEAT IS ON, AS IT WILL OVERWORK HVAC SYSTEM AND COULD CAUSE IT TO DUMP WATER ON FLOOR AND SHUT OFF ON HIGH WATER. If system will not come on, please check appropriate breaker to see if tripped and turn back on and off once, and then on again to reset.

Refrigerator and Freezer:
Our refrigerator systems are new in each home rental. On check-in Day, the refrigerator has been opened for an extended period of time to clean and empty, then it is filled with warm groceries by you. It will take at least 12 hours to cool your food and return to a medium temperature. Please keep the settings on normal or medium for maximum efficiency! Please do not turn up settings to high or maximum, as this will cause refrigerator / freezer to overwork and malfunction, as the coils will ice up and shut down. Then it will take ~1 day to defrost and get cool again without a repairman. Avoid frequent opening and closing of the refrigerator door during your first evening. This will help stabilize the refrigerator and your groceries will cool faster.

Washer / Dryer:
Please do not overload. Please be sure to clean out the lint filter in dryer before every use. If the washer or dryer does not have any power, please check circuit breaker in main disconnect box and trip / reset, if needed. Be sure to report any leaks immediately to owner and turn off water to washer! Make sure doors are fully closed before trying to operate. Please do not stop washer until it completes all cycles and has fully stopped. Then, please wait at least 3 min. after washer has fully stopped before opening door, as solenoid has it locked (OP #1208 condo only). Press and hold power and start to clear memory on washer computer (OP #1208 condo only). Please use � of normal soap amount only to prevent soap lock up. Washers are delicate, please be gentle.

Please use automatic dishwasher detergent only. The use of regular detergent will cause the dishwasher to overflow with soap suds on floor. If the dishwasher does not have any power, please check circuit breaker in main disconnect box and trip / reset, if needed.

Garbage Disposal:
Always have water running when using disposal. Push only small amounts of food only into the disposal with water running at all times. If disposal stops working or gets clogged. Try the following: Hit reset button on disposal unit under sink. If still does not work. Turn off circuit breaker to disposal at breaker box. Use end of broom handle in closet, etc. to stir or turn disposal teeth in drain to free disposal up. This will free up any clog typically and what plumbers generally do as troubleshooting first. Then turn power to disposal back on and retry. If still does not work, please call owner.

Range / Oven:
Some of our ovens are self cleaning, but others are not. If the door is locked, the oven will not work. If this occurs, please make sure the cycle is finished and the oven has cooled, then check for a release switch that will unlock the door. Burners sometime become unplugged during the cleaning process. Please check for disconnected plugs, if the burner does not come on. Most of our ranges are flat top stoves with no plugs.

Television / Remotes:
Some tv�s have cable box that is required for cable service through resort or a private company. Please make sure the TV is set on channel 3 or 4 and that the TV is on. You can do this manually, if remote is out of batteries. Turn TV off and on and change channels by using the cable box or remote. If remote does not work, please add new batteries, which we will reimburse you for. Our TV�s are typically new.

Resort Pools, Jacuzzis, Tennis Courts, Gym, Children�s playground, Racquet Ball Court, Game Rooms, etc.:
As our tenant / quest, you may use these at the resort you are staying at. Before using some items, you may have to check with Owner or the front desk for permission, scheduling use time, racquets, balls, etc. Please tell them that you are a guest of Stewart Hines and he owns condo #.

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