Stewart Hines, PG
Business Owner, Property Manager, professional geologist & real estate entrepreneur

BS, Geology, University of North Carolina at Wilmington - 1984

Licensure and Current Position:

Stewart Hines, PG is a: Small Business Owner, Property Manager, Professional geologist & real estate entrepreneur. He was a former professional Geologist in NC, SC, VA, GA, FL & TN since 1992 and has experience in the following: Hydraulic fracturing for Unocal, oil exploration, fracking, oil Fracking, natural gas fracking, green jobs specialist, environmental, geology, professional environmental engineering, geologist, professional geologist, environmental and geotechnical engineering. Currently, I own and operate a successful, entrepreneurial small business: HHI, MB & OBX Home Rentals. I founded the business in 1994 and have built spec houses and buy homes for vacation and long term rent by owner.

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I worked last for HSA Engineers and Scientists in Bluffton, SC (now GHD Services, Inc.) and was a senior project manager and environmental and geotechnical services manager from 2003 - 2006. I have 27 years of webmaster experience, real estate entrepreneur, environmental and geotechnical engineering and geological consulting experience as a project manager and department manager for many international firms (HSA/CRA, S&ME/Westinghouse, Jammal & Assoc./PSI, IT/Flour Daniel and GTI). I competed in powerlifting for 30 years and am an avid fitness trainer and surfer: SH pics.

Summary of Professional Environmental & Geotechnical Experience:
I worked at HSA from Aug. 2003 - Aug. 2006. Previously, I worked at S&ME/Westinghouse - engineering firm in Charlotte, NC for 13 years from 2/90 - 6/03. Previous to that, I worked for GTI / IT / Flour Daniel from 1886 to 2000, and PSI / Jammal & Associates from 1984-1986. I have 26 years experience as an environmental and geotechnical engineering and geology consultant working with many State environmental regulatory sites (compliance, modeling, assessment, remediation, closure, reimbursement, marketing, management, etc.). I also have 20 years experience as a professional webmaster, web design, cyber attack specialist and writing secure encrypted webpage codes using: html, xtml, xml, java script, cgi script, php, cold fusion, flash, perl, etc.

GENERAL - Vacation Rentals, Real Estate Sales, Internet sales and marketing specialist, Computer science, coding, SEO, webmaster, communications; consulting environmental engineering / geology; hydrogeology; project management; construction management; office management; supervisory of professional staff and technicians; information technology; Fitness: powerlifting, surfing, soccer.

ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING & GEOLOGY - Hydraulic fracturing for Unocal, oil exploration, fracking, oil Fracking, green jobs specialist, environmental, geology, professional engineer, engineering, geologist, professional geologist, web design, environmental and geotechnical engineering, Green Jobs, Brown Fields, SuperFund, Project Management; Regulatory Compliance; Construction Management; Remediation Design; Wastewater Treatment; Sampling; Construction Supervision; Implementation and Operation and Maintenance of Remediation Systems; Regulatory Negotiating; Comprehensive Site Assessments; Corrective Action Plans; Pre-Acquisition Site Assessments; Groundwater and Soil Disposal; Injection Well and Air Quality Permitting; State Trust Fund Reimbursement; and Preparing Engineering Drawings for Remediation Systems; Hydrogeology and Geology; 2 & 3-D Groundwater, Vapor Flow and Contaminant Transport Modeling; Horizontal Drilling; Environmental Field Work; Vacuum Pilot Tests; Air Sparge Pilot Tests; Groundwater Pump Tests; Tank Closures; Surveying; Sampling; Hydraulic Fracturing; Sonic Drilling, Horizontal Drilling & Installation of Horiz. Vacuum, Sparge, Fracture and Dual Extraction Wells. Project Management of over 100 Remediation Systems and 50 Site Closures in last 22 years. Experienced in Many Types of Environmental and Remediation Equipment and Tools Including: Detoxification, Stabilization/Solidifcation, Vacuums, Pump and Treat Systems, Dual Extraction Systems, and Air Sparge Systems, Radio Frequency, Internal Combustion Engines, Ion Exchange, Softeners, Backwash Filters, Catalytic Oxidizers and Telemetry Systems. I've performed intrinsic bioremediation and perspiration Field and Bench Studies, Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) modeling, Phoster sparging and bioventing technologies.

GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING � Shallow and Deep Foundation Studies, Sinkhole Investigations, Siesmic Studies, Site Preparation, Fill Placement, Subgrade Preparation, Pavement Recommendations, Borrow Studies, Utility / Stormwater Construction, and Landfill Siting, Due Diligence, Land Development. Laboratory soil testing-grain size, atteburgs, hydrometer, etc, and other materials testing for geotechnical type lab tests with soil, materials & rock.

Awards and Honors:
Mr. Hines managed project awarded the 1995 NCCEC Honors Award for Research and Studies for installation of the first successful horizontal air sparge well at the Unocal-Derita, North Carolina site. Site later closed by Mr. Hines under a Variance to the groundwater standards.

Mr. Hines managed project awarded the 1997 NCCEC Honors Award for Environmental Remediation for the "Remediation of a Gasoline Release" paper at the Speedway-West Blvd., Charlotte, North Carolina. Site later closed by Mr. Hines under Risked Based Corrective Action.

Mr. Hines published an environmental technical paper for the 1994 American Petroleum Institute and the National Ground Water Association's Conference in Houston, Texas on "Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Using Horizontal Air Sparging and Soil Vapor Extraction Wells."

Speaking Engagements:
Mr. Hines presented an environmental technical paper he published at the 1994 American Petroleum Institute and the National Ground Water Association's Conference in Houston, Texas on "Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Using Horizontal Air Sparging and Soil Vapor Extraction Wells." Presented Seminar on "Horizontal Well Installation and Use" at the 1998 Groundwater Professionals Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. Presented Seminar on "Remote Telemetry for Remediation Systems" at a 1998 Environmental Technical Seminar in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Available upon Request

Years with environmental engineering Firms, Professional Geologist / Hydrogeologist: 30 years
Years as Small Business Owner, Property Manager, Webmaster, Vacation & Realty Sales: 27 years

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